Tour Package Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc 3 days 2 nights
( Day I) : ( lunch , dinner)
" Phu Quoc will be more beautiful when you arrive ," it's warm greetings from beautiful Phu Quoc Island for your guests to visit Phu Quoc .
 14h30 : Tour guide pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the hotel check-in procedures .
14h00 : Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel and car to the famous East Island , the first point to the palace we place people on two islands formed church You , You and You Do Tai , and then is State Park where you will be hearing about how people pepper Phu Quoc Island , the car then take your vision and direction to Suoi Tranh visit and Muon is parked next to the sights where you will feel landscape is pure harmony with nature and people , as well as Ham Ninh fishing village where you can buy fresh seafood .
18h30 : You will have dinner at Morning Fresh Restaurant , free to visit the night market finished on the bus to the hotel.
  ( Day II ) : ( lunch , dinner)
Immersed to sea ( South Island )
07h00 : Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant .
08h00 : Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel and depart South Island tour , you will first point to the garden where your Sim will be trial and Wine Password Sim Sim ( Sim very good attention Password women's health )
09h00 : Bus take you further to the attractions of the Japanese cultured pearls and Australian collaboration , where you can manually son's surgery and found a pearl inside is extremely valuable .
10h00 : State bins sauce one of the most famous brands of dry and Phu Quoc is also next destination where you can buy as a gift for a loved one , and then place the mango Phu Quoc dog , the precious visitors will learn about the characteristics of its shape and the way the baby mango Phu Quoc dog is preserved to this day .
10:30 : Next, take your car to an impressive attractions , destinations are famous Coconut Tree Prison Phu Quoc is where you will see and hear about the history of the war for Vietnam mark we .
11h00 : Tour guide takes guests to Sao Beach and departure aboard fishing
Doing fanciful coral , colorful fish when you are fishing on the boat staff will be cooking
So you like , grilled fish sauce dotted me.dung lunch on board , 14.30 ship to you
Guests on the shore and rest freely sign in Sao Beach .
16h30 : Bus take you back to Hotel
1830 : A Guide pick you dinner at the Palace Night Market Cau.xong car
Takes you to the hotel.
( Day III ) Farewell to love Phu Quoc Island .
07h00 : Have breakfast at hotel and free swimming at the hotel and enjoy listening to the waves kick up the feeling you do not forget.


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