hunting fish tour

This tour is for those who shoot fish in the sea passionate about the ocean, exploring the coral reefs and full of magic, you will natives fishing and diving fire fish, but the fish hunter will be fired barbecue spots with lemon pepper salt, you have never tried grilled fish in place yet? That is the question still flurry. let the Phu Quoc Sunrise explore this trip you offline.
08:00 Pick you up at your hotel or meeting place and go to An Thoi port to ship or boat to depart journey time you fish, boat or take your boat to the island of Hon May Rut, where you can be free to enjoy the island scenery, or you can follow the train or boat for fishing and snorkeling, the hunter will free diving and marine fish to find and delicious to for you to enjoy, in addition you can follow the hand boat to fish for himself, a great feeling if someone ever this trip,
15h: 00 you will return to the island May Withdraw to enjoy grilled fish, on the afternoon train takes you back to An Thoi port and bus back to the hotel end of the trip.
Price: 13.000.000
from 2 - 4 pax
including: guide - water - lunch - boat trip - bus


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