Phu Quoc Tour

 Phu Quoc is one of Vietnam 's largest island located next position Thailand and Cambodia , Phu Quoc has a total area of 598km2 with large and small perimeter from the north towards the south of the island and there are more than 100,000 people living and working on the island , the majority of local people employed sea fishing , Pepper also is a specialty export  , in addition to the Phu Quoc fish sauce is also considered to be the voice of Phu Quoc.Phu Quoc is blessed with many scenic Tranh Stream , Da Ban Stream,and the small island located near the southern edge of the island and it is also interesting to tourists...View more

Customized Tours

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Car Rental

 For the convenience of distinguished guests from near and far come Phu Quoc Travel ! now Phu Quoc Sunrise have car rental services around Phu Quoc Island and Phu Quoc Sunrise will comply with your needs of guests by welcoming and experience with us you will get comfortable Very close to serve visitors from near and far. View more

Hotel Booking

 Welcome to Phu Quoc Sunrise, we are a best of one booking hotel in phu quoc island, with the best price from hotel give out, and we make sure cheaper price for you. GOOD BOOKING HOTEL IN PHU QUOC ISLAND MORE CHEAP PRICE View more

Phu Quoc Big Fishing Tour

   Come to Phu Quoc Island you will feel the natural wild character of the mountains and the immense sea, the company Phu Quoc Sunrise Organizing large fishing tour from 2 to 6 guests, this is the tour for those gentleman large fishing enthusiasts in the sea, it requires you to have patience and not for those who are seasick offline. Morning 07:00 Pick up at the hotel depart to An Thoi boarding star big Fishing Boats go, the train will run to the fishing spots have been positioning locators, enjoy the feeling of the sea and their own hands will fished loudest, breakfast, lunch and dinner...View more

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